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Rolling Tech, bring the highest quality ATV

and golf car wheels in the world to you!

Rolling Tech International Co., Ltd was established in 2004 by owner Johnson Chiang. He used to work for a well-known motor cooperation and took responsibility to the quality control for more than six years. During those years, Johnson not only accumulated knowledge on the car production but also learned many experiences on quality control and improvement. based on his passion in the car industry and right sense to the market trend, Johnson built his own business and sales his own wheels around the world.
Rolling Tech is a professional wheel manufacturer. The main products are ATV alloy wheel, Golf car alloy wheel, motorcycle/scooter wheel, electric car wheel and various wheels for all-terrain vehicles. Currently, Rolling Tech offers wheels to 16 Taiwanese ATV and motorcycle OEM factories, such as Kymco, SMC, ACCESS MOTOR, PGO, ADLY, AEON and so on. In the annual moto shows, like Indy Show and Milan Show, most of Taiwanese ATV and motorcycle manufacturers use Rolling Tech’s rims on their new cars.
In recent years, Rolling Tech grows steadily because it never stops itself. It grows with market trend and devotes to develop new products that meet the need of market. In order to meet U.S and European market demand, it extends and expands its product line. This year, Rolling Tech develops not only more patterns for wheels but also launches tires for the electric car and the scooter.  In 2013,  its new products are ATV wheel GW008, all series of Go-Kart wheels by MG-AL material, specific wheels and tires for the electric scooter, and MAXPOWER MA38 motorcycle tire.
“100% Quality, 100% Cost, 100% Delivery” Johnson said. He tries the best to help their customers become competitive in the market by offering 100% Q.C.D., quality, cost and delivery. As his belief, quality is not only product performance but also representative service to the customers. And the cost is not a simple number (unit price) only. It includes total cost on the whole package of the product that presents company image. Delivery basically means punctual delivery. However, go deeper, it means the company dedicates to launch marketable and new products to meet market demand. Rolling Tech will continue to stand by Johnson’s belief and develop more exceptional alloy wheels with tires to satisfy the diverse demands from the market place.

Company: Rolling Tech International Co., Ltd. (MAXPOWER) 裕品車業股份有限公司 Type: Manufacturer (North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe )
Area: Taiwan/Changhua County Size:
Capital: 200000 ten thousand USD Year of registration: 1987
Deposit: Paid 0.00 USD
Mode: North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe
Business: Professional Alloy Wheel Manufacturer for Various All-terrain Vehicles
Sell: Wheels, Rims, Tires, Motorcycle parts
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